What to watch out in your first time

What to watch out in your first time

The first time with a woman, especially if she is one you really like, must be unique and special. There is no excuse, even if you go for a one night stand with her. In general, you must act as a Athens Escorts. Let us point out for the umpteenth time that whether you are aiming for one night or forever,

In any case, even if you lean, there are some rules that are followed with your “good morning”, so that the first time together in bed develops enjoyable for both of you.

Do not rush

Preliminaries, the first time you meet erotically with a new partner are as self-evident as the handshake you make when you meet a man. Your erotic “to know us better”, if you want. You have no idea how important a caress, a whisper in the ear or a kiss on the neck means to her. Preliminaries require appetite, occupation and are the path to enjoyment. Yes, you may be in a hurry, but who told you that she acts the same way? If you skip them, you have already eaten the first “yellow”. Isn’t it early, before the “goal” is scored?

“Listen” to her body

Decode her body by focusing on “body language” to understand what she likes. Observe the direction that her legs “look” (towards you, that is), how heavy her breath is, how responsive she is to your movements and of course how wet she is. He wants to feel that you are interested in whether he enjoys it.

Do not hesitate to speak

According to research (and common sense), when your partner throws away her clothes, the first thing you need to do is compliment her body. Not only will it “break” any normal embarrassment, but it will give a crazy boost to her self-confidence, a fact that will “unlock” her even more. So, do not keep your mouth shut and show how much you like to have it near you, up, down.

Play with her

The so-called teasing throws as much “salt and pepper” as you need, before you start having action in bed. You should free yourself and look to be comfortable. Bite her in places that you know she will like, stimulate her senses and drive her in a situation that she can not hold any more. Before the big moment, give her the gratuitous shot. Try to torture her clitoris with your fingers and tongue.

You can even make use of special toys that you have for a special occasion like this. You can see now that for her, it all starts and ends, literally there. So make sure to honour her as she deserves. She is a woman that likes a man and gives her self to him.

Talk to her dirty

Remember that balance always makes the difference. “Dirty” conversations do not hurt. Verbal “threat” for those that are gonna “suffer” from you, can be something highly stimulating. Always make sure that you do not over react of course.

It’s the first time for you two so you can not be sure of what she likes, you just don’t know her well yet. So if you want to say some more words, limit yourself to the most clichés. And if you do not succeed, the world is not lost. Most of the times, just your sighs could be enough for the other half, to need more of you.

Control your stress

About what to watch out in your first time with her, remember to control your stress. This is something that if you manage to do, will not only help you in your contact but, above all, it will help your libido also. And surely, this is something that you want, especially the first time with your girl in your bed. Try to think optimistic and not pessimistically.

Remember that a drink before the first contact did not “spoil” anyone. Also, it is a good way to relax you, so that you can be your self. As doctor says, a whiskey also helps blood circulation, and this is something good for the libido of men.

Be cheerful

If you do not help her relax by some way, she will not relax eventually. And remember that taking actions are always better than words. Show to her that you are a cool guy and dress politely. And when everything seems to be good, just take a hug. As scientists says, taking a hug your loved ones is like a medicine. It makes people feel safe and comfortable.

It can produce substances that bring happiness and a state of security, one that every woman wants from a man. A love affair should never be “one-piece”. It should always based on balance and variety.


In any case, remember this: you are a man, so you should not act like a “pushy”. There are a chance that the situation eventually change, and for some reason you may not want to penetrate her. There is no reason to grumble or suggest another ways to have a special time together. Every thing that shall happen, will happen in it’s time. Remember that a poor horse is always better than not to be a horse at all.

Hope that every one reached at the end of our guide, will have the basic knowledge about the major factors that he should take care of when having a first time with a lady. So respect and act like a real man. It does not matter if you really like the woman you are with or just going to have a good time. Act to others like a real people that have feelings and think of it as a relationship, even a short one.