Trademark: Why and how to secure it


Trademark: Why and how to secure it

If you have a business, you also have a trademark. Your brand is an important asset that you must secure for many reasons. MyIP is the best web hosting provider in Greece.

What is a brand?

Starting with the basics, a brand is considered to be any graphic sign capable of distinguishing the products or services of one company from those of other companies.

In particular, words, names of natural or legal persons, pseudonyms, illustrations, drawings, letters, numbers, sounds, including musical phrases, the shape of the product or its packaging may be a mark.

How can you register your brand?

First of all, it is important to emphasize that patenting can be done, within the EU, at different levels. Particularly:

A. Protection at national level
B. Protection at regional level for registration in Belgium, the Netherlands and / or Luxembourg, through BOIP.
C. EU-wide protection (all EU Member States) through EUIPO.
D. International registration through WIPO

In this article, we will focus on national patenting for companies that want protection only in Greece. In our country, the registration of a national mark is done by the Ministry of Development and Investment and it is important to have a legal advisor for support and advice.

New national trademark registration service

MyIP, realizing the importance of registering a national trademark but also the need to host companies that do not have the time or relevant know-how, offers the new national trademark registration service. Our specialized staff undertakes to run the process. The steps are simple and help you secure your national brand, from home!

1. Send an application

You fill in the form and we will contact you shortly to inform you about the service and any other clarification you need.

2. Research and consulting

After purchasing the service, we research the availability of the brand you want to secure while we also provide consulting services.

3. Collect documents

We inform you about the necessary documents and, after you send them to us, we check them for any corrections.

4. Submit an application

We submit the application for the registration of a national trademark.

5. Send MyIP approval to you

Once the application is approved, we send the decision to the email address you have indicated. Your brand will be registered for 10 years! Of course, it can then be renewed.

The benefits of trademark registration

  • Your business is entitled to use the trademark but also to prevent third parties (competitors and non-competitors) from using the same or similar trademark
  • Gain a strong means of recognition, expand your customer base and give prestige to your business
  • You have the right to transfer / sell it, and to ask for money depending on the reputation of your brand
  • You have the right to grant, with a corresponding fee, licenses to deposit or use your trademark to third parties
  • As the proprietor of the trademark, you have every legal right to own and own it.
  • The registration of a trademark gives your brand additional prestige in the market for the “trademark“.


Your brand is what reflects your values. It is an asset of your business that can be sold, bought and transferred. In fact, it is an asset whose value increases over time and is proportional to your reputation and customer base. Secure it!

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