Sustainability Comes into Style

Sustainability Comes into Style

The world’s driest desert, the Atacama in Chile, is a wonderland of normal phenomena. Alongside with the envisioned cacti-studded landscapes and craggy canyons, there are towering purple sand dunes and salt flats that are residence to flamingos, snow-capped expanses studded with geysers, and a pleasant oasis at the heart of it all. The Atacama desert features the most effective stargazing on the planet—and a seemingly infinite cache of textile waste.

Style is empowering, energetic, and psychological. The field can also be frivolous. It’s believed that 39,000 tons of textile squander are dumped in the Atacama desert just about every year. And it is just a single of the world’s landscapes overflowing with clothes waste. In accordance to some reports, 90% of clothes is thrown absent lengthy in advance of it should really be, which has significant destructive effects on the world surroundings. Possibly more surprising: Less than 1% of discarded dresses are recycled into new clothes.

Each and every 12 months 39,000 tons of textiles are dumped in the Atacama desert.


The reality of the Atacama (and equivalent textile dumping websites) deeply resonated with Electrolux. As specialists in garments treatment, the world’s 2nd-most significant appliance maker is an field leader focusing on sustainability. And as the Swedish corporation develops innovative garment-treatment systems, that are mild on fabrics to preserve their high quality, it is committing to a aim of earning clothing past two times as long for fifty percent the environmental influence by 2030. Extending the everyday living of apparel by just 9 months, for instance, can minimize their climate influence by 20-30% in phrases of the h2o applied and squander produced. The Atacama is a metaphor for how unsustainable quick manner has grow to be, which can incite a critical dialogue about the need to have for taking far better care of clothes to make them past lengthier.

Effective Partnerships

In addition to technological targets, Electrolux has collaborated with visionary sustainability leaders. One particular this kind of initiative is with Rave Critique, a Swedish design duo devoted to crafting superior-conclusion manner with upcycled elements. Together the brand names imagined a capsule selection created exclusively from discarded garments sourced from the Atacama desert.

The collaboration is a design for how designers can approach upcycling—it’s about rescuing waste elements to exalt and beautify them. “We all ought to change in one way or one more,” states Livia Schück, Rave Review’s co-Founder and Imaginative Director. “When it arrives to manner, using treatment of what we currently have is almost certainly the most tangible and easy way to do it.”

rave review electrolux textiles in atacama

The capsule assortment by Rave Overview in collaboration with Electrolux is built entirely from discarded textiles from the Atacama desert.

Marcus Kurn

After becoming salvaged from the desert and transported to Stockholm, the decided on garments have been washed and slice. The designers then built their creations based mostly on available fabrics. All clothes were being then dyed in an Electrolux substantial-effectiveness washing equipment in hues of purple and eco-friendly. In this structure, the duo required to strengthen the sensation of imperfections and make character in the fabric, creating it even extra eye-catching.

In tune with the circular purpose of the initiative, the assortment will not be for sale rather, its intent is to provoke a discussion about the ability to reuse fabrics.

electrolux and rave review capsule

The Atacama assortment.


Waste not, want not—one crucial to mitigating fashion’s environmental footprint is by garment treatment that extends closet longevity. Client conduct can have an effect: We are what we put on, and personal alter can assistance break the sample to realize progress in the fight in opposition to the weather disaster. In partnership with Electrolux, here are some easy nonetheless impactful strategies for developing a sustainable wardrobe.


Clean outfits in cold water—it’s much better on the garment and the globe.


Consider Care: On typical, clothing are worn only ten moments and thrown absent lengthy just before they need to be. Making them final for a longer time not only will save time and revenue, it cuts our intake and will help lessen our carbon footprint. And it all starts with extra sustainable laundry procedures.
Step a single:
Clean considerably less. Unless one thing is visibly soiled or hard on the nose, problem yourself to use your clothes at minimum a few moments prior to they hit the laundry.
Step two:
Decrease the amount of money of detergent you use and go for liquid rather than powder. Liquid detergents are likely to operate superior than powder in eco-pleasant chilly-h2o wash cycles and are gentler on fabrics. As a rule, use half the recommended quantity of detergent and 50 percent a cup of baking soda, which acts as a detergent booster. This will make your outfits just as clean up and can assist you decreased your footprint.
Step 3:
Switch down the temperature. According to the business, if colder washes turned the norm throughout Europe, it could be the equivalent of eliminating a lot more than 1.3 million autos from the road. “Lowering clean temperatures and switching to liquid detergent from powder could indicate conserving the equal of somewhere around 50kg [110 pounds] of CO2 per equipment per calendar year. It could make a enormous influence when scaled up to hundreds of thousands of individuals subsequent the identical instance,” states Vanessa Butani, Electrolux VP for Team Sustainability.

electrolux sustainability

Cold h2o is far better for both of those the setting and the longevity of garments.


Commit in Parts: Purchasing extended-long lasting objects is the ultimate sustainable ability transfer. Decide on cross-practical and flexible staples to get much more use per have on. And be completely ready to eschew developments. By repeating favorites (and buying significantly less), you can support to minimize needless landfill squander and diminish your total environmental influence.

Mend and Retailer Right: Another vital to giving your closet longevity is suitable storage. Devote in shoe trees, for illustration, and cubes for sweaters. Fix is also an crucial part of sustainability. Purchase from makes with alteration and repair service solutions, and glance for local professionals, which includes tailors and cobblers, to help manage your garments.

The most sustainable clothes are the kinds we presently have. Come across out how to make them previous longer at

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