How to not spend a fortune on a rental car in Santorini


How to not spend a fortune on a rental car in Santorini

Have you chosen Santorini – Santorini car rental– as your destination for vacation? This is great! Santorini is a wonderful travel destination for the summer vacation as it has a natural beauty, long beaches, its view consists of endless blue sea and many more. If you are planning on renting a car we have some tips for you on “how to not spend a fortune on a rental car in Santorini”.


Santorini is one of the most popular islands of Greece and we can guarantee you that the rental car companies are taking advantage of the tourists’ needs. That being said, if you forget to book a car in advance, the result is that you will be charged extra for your rental car. Keep reading to explore more on “how to not spend a fortune on a rental car in Santorini”.

1. All about research

If you wish not to get scammed by a rental car company and pay a fortune on your rental car, you should probably research before planning your vacation. The research you will conduct includes many aspects such as the dates, the car rental company you will choose, the island, your demands for the vehicle (automatic or manual transmission, car model etc.).

Make sure to take your time when researching for your rental car as it will accompany you for the number of days that you will be on vacation. Bear in mind that many car rental companies have offers for certain dates so you should take advantage of them and book a cheaper car.

2. Planning in advance

You wouldn’t book your air plane tickets one day prior to your vacation would you? Or your hotel room? One day before your vacation the prices would be extremely high as every tourist business will take advantage of your need to book a ticket or a hotel room at the last minute.

If you are planning on renting a car in Santorini then you should probably organise your vacation on advance. Do not let time pass as after April and May, the car rental companies will increase their prices. If you are 100% sure that you are going to need a car, take the time to book it at the time you will book your hotel room.

This way you will ensure that you will have a car at the time of your arrival. If you want to book it last minute you will probably experience two things; either an extremely high price or zero car availability.

3. Do it yourself

This point is like the 101 course in “how to not spend a fortune on a rental car in Santorini”. If you wish to pay less, book your car by yourself. Do not hire another person to do it or do not let your travel agent do it for you. They will take commission, charging you more than the actual value of the car.

We know it will be hard especially if it is your first time booking a car online, but at least you will have the time to look at the dates, car models and extra equipment and book it at your own pace.

4. Choose off season dates

Another important point on “how to not spend a fortune on a rental car in Santorini” is the date of your vacation. If you are at ease and you can choose your dates then do it wisely. Let’s say that you are not interested in visiting Santorini at the time when the island is crowded because you want to take time to enjoy the natural beauty of the island.


If the statement above describes you, then we have the solution. Choose off season dates like the end of May or the end of September, even the Beginning of October. At these dates, car rental companies decrease their fees and you can enjoy your vacation and your rental car at a much lower price.

If you need to take time off your job and organise your trip on specific dates then this can be a lot harder. Nevertheless, you could choose either choose a lower season like for example the beginning of June or the end of August. You will not benefit from extremely low prices, but you will still pay less for your rental car.

5. Check and delete your browser history

One thing that websites use to track down your interest is cookies. The cookies will “save” your preferred dates and car model and show you a higher price when you perform another online search. You can avoid that by deleting your browser history or choose the less cookie preferences when visiting a car rental company’s website.

6. Compare prices

This one is pretty obvious on“how to not spend a fortune on a rental car in Santorini”. Do not rush to book a rental car as you might regret it later on. Take your time to research or ask your friends who have had a similar trip to give you advice.

Use the internet or make some phone calls to ask about the prices and the offers of each car rental company. This is a great opportunity to ask them about anything else that might interest you such as the extra equipment, availability of a specific model etc.

7. Beware of hidden charges

When signing a contract for a rental car, beware of the hidden charges. They are usually at the bottom of the contract in tiny letters. Take your time and read them so that you will be aware of any charge besides the car fees. They could charge you foe a GPS, a child seat or cleaning fees.


This could ruin your vacation as you will be forced to pay extra and even get you in trouble if the car has any damage. Please ask the employee for any extra costs and read the contract carefully before signing it.

8. Choose refundable

When you are in doubt always opt for the refundable booking if available. This will save you money in case something happens and you will not make it to the island or if you change your mind about the specific car rental company. It is an easy way to escape any scams and get at least 50% of your money back.

Overview on “how to not spend a fortune on a rental car in Santorini”

If you are going to follow the tips on“how to not spend a fortune on a rental car in Santorini” that we mention above, there is a small chance that you will pay a lot of money on the rental car. Take your time when planning your trip so that you will be ready to enjoy every moment of it.

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