4 Unique painting ideas for your kitchen!

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Kitchen painting is something we have all thought about or dreamed of, but we do not know how to do it efficiently and economically. I will show you unique colors to paint the kitchen yourself and to give a new breath to the space.

The colors that you can put in this space that you use every day, are many and endless. You can choose the one that matches the existing room or the one that you like to see and enjoy the most.

What color to choose for painting your kitchen?

1. Blue – Green

We begin to see shades of blue and green, widespread enough to illuminate and warm the space. With accessories in similar painting colors, such as towels, pots but aromatic plants, etc., you make the change easier and at the same time impressive!

2. Red – Pink

The bright colors red, pink, fuchsia give a playful tone to the kitchen and catch everyone’s eye! You can combine objects in white or in the color that dominates the rest of the space, to soften the volume and blend harmoniously with the rest of the room.

3. Yellow – Orange

One of the brightest colors that predispose you to have a good mood and creativity! Choose a tone that ties in with the rest of the room, either warmer or cooler, and be sure that the originality of the color will compensate you with the pleasant notes it will give to the space.

4. Purple – Gray

Two wonderful colors that warm the room and add elegance and style. Choose a warmer tone painting for a timeless effect, or more intense for an extremely modern style in your kitchen!

It’s time to renovate this important home space, financially and creatively. Give it the color you like and be sure that the renewal will be so big and impressive, that it will stand out in the most beautiful way!

Ways to make your rooms brighter!

There is always some space in our house that is much darker than all the other places. This can be your living room or even the hall entering from the main entrance. But this should not bother you as you can make your rooms brighter in three simple ways.

As you can see, you should not leave the decoration of your home to its fate. Even the smallest detail can make a difference and change the whole aesthetics of your rooms. So what are the appropriate ways to increase the brightness of your rooms, making them look more airy with the appropriate decoration?

How to make the rooms of your house brighter?

Focus on your walls

Choosing light colors for your walls will automatically make your room look brighter. The most classic and safe choice is definitely white which is a timeless color. So when you are not sure about the most color to choose you can simply turn to white.

Also, you should avoid the “noise” that is created when there are many intricate objects hanging on the walls. The best choice you have to make is to put a few good frames with simple frames and frames.

Choose decorations and furniture in bright, vibrant colors

This idea is great for those who prefer white color on their walls but also want to give a little life to their space.

For example, you can choose furniture or decorations in coral, yellow, pink or any other happy color. But apart from the furniture, the pillows in bright colors, the flowers or the candles would look just as impressive.

Obviously, you can apply these decoration tips both in your bedroom and in your dining room or kitchen. See more 10 tips to have an impressive house!

Invest in new curtains

You may think that the latter way is not so relevant to our subject, but if you think about it you will see that curtains play a huge role in interior painting and design, so that light diffuses into a room.

A good choice would be the thin transparent curtains which allow sunlight to penetrate them and illuminate the whole space. Of course, you do not want everyone to be able to constantly see what you are doing in your home. That’s why you can put heavier fabrics on the sides which will close like two sheets above the middle curtain which will be thinner.

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