11 + 1 ideas for your kitchen remodelling

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Here there are 11 + 1 ideas for your kitchen remodelling with Montclair Painting. Most professional renovators have found through their many years of experience that the disadvantage of most kitchens, whether they are amateur home kitchens or the state-of-the-art kitchens of large restaurants, is the serious lack of space. Gikas has many years of experience in kitchen remodelling as well as in carpentry, painting, contracting, house restoration and renovation services.

Indeed, in the context of modern living in urban centers, where housing densities are high, many people are forced to live in small spaces. However, with the right design and good organization, significant improvements can be made in both the functionality and the aesthetics of small spaces. Read our ideas that will help you especially in the kitchen remodelling, even if the available space is limited.


1. Mirror and other reflective materials

The mirror is indeed an easy solution, which not only visually enlarges the small spaces giving the illusion of depth but also reflects light. In a small kitchen, you can safely place an antique mirror and choose materials that reflect light, such as glossy ceramic tiles on the walls or a glass surface on the back of the sink.

2. Light colours

The brighter the kitchen, the more it offers the feeling of spaciousness and comfort. Therefore, in small spaces it is recommended to choose light, bright and sweet colors, mainly from the palette of pastel shades and to avoid dark and intense, dynamic colors. Besides, the color change on the walls and the ceiling is an ideal and easy choice for an economical kitchen renovation and immediate renewal of the atmosphere of the space.

3. Open shelves and cabinets

In kitchen cabinets, we are used to using doors that keep utensils clean and protect them from dust. However in small spaces you can incorporate in the design open shelves that visually enlarge the space. In any case, in small kitchens, you should limit the volume of cabinets that are hung on the wall, as they create the feeling of “stuffy” space.

4. Use the patterns without fear

The kitchen is the ideal place to insert patterned surfaces. The patterns can be used on the wall tiles and the floor but also on the fabrics, ie on the tablecloths, the curtains, the towels, etc. The patterns have been proven to magnetize the eye and make it “move” on the surface. In this way they create the illusion of more space.

5. Use of lighting

The kitchen is above all a workplace and for that it must have good lighting. Ideally there should be natural light, but this is not always possible. With regard to artificial lighting, be sure to install good and adequate central lighting as well as lighting in specific areas, such as on the workbench.

The sunlight in the kitchen will help increase your mood as you cook. Reflective surfaces help bounce light, increasing the entry of sunlight in your kitchen. The edges of the shelves act as reflective surfaces, increasing extra light in the room. Another option is to open a window to a vertical wall, instead of its standard center position. This wall will reflect sunlight. All these alternative light sources help the atmosphere and the feeling of a bigger space.

6. Open Kitchen Cabinets

With the kitchen emerging as the new focus of the home, cabinets are gaining transparency and extroversion. The interior stands out and stars.

7. Sculptural Fixtures

You can turn accessories such as sink faucets into “sculptures” by radically changing the style of the kitchen.

8. Add a splash of color with Montclair Painting

The color does not have to be limited to utensils and decorations. Dare it in the electrical appliances and selectively in parts of the cabinets for a youthful pop aesthetic. The way light falls in a bright color can illuminate your kitchen. Find the bigger wall in your kitchen, the space in order to catch the attention of others, and paint it the color you desire.

Let your painting team ftom Montclair Painters to get creative with your kitchen when doing a home renovation. Paint large pieces of paper in all colors you could imagine and in all colors you would never expect to use. You may see that the most unlikely choice of color perfectly fits your kitchen.

9. Hot materials

Transform an industrial kitchen by adding wooden elements in warm shades. Contrast enhances the design.

10. Indoor-Outdoor Blur

Create blurred interior-to-exterior boundaries with large openings and access to the garden / courtyard by connecting the indoor kitchen to the yard.

11. The blackboard is a trend

A trend that has come in recent years is that of the blackboard. Paint a corner of your kitchen with the special paint that you will find in the paint shops and make your own painting where you will note what you need or verses and motto.

+1. Change the tiles without adding new ones

Renovation does not necessarily mean breaking walls, consolidating spaces or changing cabinets. You can do it with simpler tasks, such as small changes in the tiles. There are either special paints on the market to change the color of the tiles, or stickers to change the look of the tiles. In this way you achieve change without much cost and no one will understand that the basis remains the same. You can place personalized tiles and put your personal signature with custom made tiles.

Kitchen remodelling is one of the most popular renovation work and it has been proven that a recently remodelled kitchen increases the purchase value of a property and the chances of renting. In the design of the modern kitchen one encounters two main styles. The simplicity and functionality of the modern style on the one hand and the hospitable aesthetics of the traditional architecture on the other.

However, a happy marriage of both is what ultimately creates the impressive new type of cuisine. Montclair Roofers and their trustworthy workers can undertake your kitchen remodelling in no time!

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